No one ever imagines dealing with medical negligence in their life, even though to the surprise of many it is the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Our unfortunate personal situation led to our education into a flawed system that we felt, as filmmakers, we had to change. Our son was diagnosed with a very rare hearing loss called Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder due to preventable medical negligence.

As we looked to hold those that caused this injury to our son accountable and find some justice, we learned of the MICRA cap and realized the difficulty of obtaining an attorney on medical negligence cases due to this cap that limited recovery but also required the attorneys to take these cases on contingency, with very little upside as plaintiffs rarely receive any proper award for wrongdoing. Further, we started hearing about far more traumatic and catastrophic cases that have been devastatingly affected by the system and the cap, that we simply couldn’t ignore. Injured cases of medical negligence that have resulted in amputations, blindness, cerebral palsy and even death!

This is not just a documentary, this is a movement to wake people up from the lies and deceit these insurance companies want you to believe. They are not working in your best interest and in fact have exorbitant amounts of money to spend to twist information so that consumers believe their manufactured truths. Please join us in making a difference!


As a director and as a photographer, I have spent many years chasing stories rooted in injustice, stories where real people find themselves staring at the horrors of the world, right in the face. Making A Killing is by no means an exception… quite the contrary. 

What you will discover is shocking and at times, incredibly hard to watch but it is also important that you do. For too long, injustice has waged war throughout California’s healthcare system, but it has been hidden from the public eye, behind a guise of propaganda and deceit, all in favour of financial profiteering.

For the most part, the majority of us are guilty of only contemplating injustice, when it happens to us. But as Martin. L. King stated, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and it is only by raising our voices and coming together as a collective,  that change can ever be affected. 

Making A Killing takes you on a journey in the footsteps of those caught up in such controversy and such tragedy. Through unprecedented access, you’ll find yourself behind the closed doors of those responsible for fuelling the corruption and the money making  machine that is the insurance industry.

Through a cinematic and thoughtful eye, you’ll encounter the shocking and haunting nature of how California’s healthcare system is truly run. Making A Killing will take you on a dark, emotional and infuriating journey through one of America’s most corrupt systems. It serves as an intimate and honest portrait of human suffering, sacrifice and survival.

Making A Killing is an intimate and honest portrait of human suffering, sacrifice and survival.