Kira Johnson

Kira was neglected and allowed to bleed to death after a CT scan was ordered stat, but never happened, until she was taken to emergency surgery 10 hours later where 3 liters of blood were found in her abdomen.

Annette ramirez

Annetteā€™s misdiagnosis after a routine hysterectomy procedure led to the spread of infection that caused the amputation of both her arms and legs.

Steven Olsen

Steven lives with severe brain damage, impaired development, cerebral palsy, seizures and permanent blindness because his medical providers denied an $800 CAT scan.

Mia Moreno

Bree and Nelson Moreno’s daughter Mia’s heart stopped after surgery when she was just a few months old. Mia had been negligently over-sedated and left without monitoring. She now lives a life of Cerebral Palsy, has very little control over her body’s movement, and will require lifelong care.